Travel book - Les photos de Kadia - Sénégal - Cap Skirring "Skiring" Casamance

Khadidiatou Gueye Photographer for arvimedia


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flag_senegal khadidiatou_gueye
Flag of Senegal
Khadidiatou Gueye photographer reporter arvimedia
aline_sitoe_diatta flag Senegal Port of Dakar flag Senegal
Aline Sitoe Diatta boat Dakar à Zinguinchor
Port of Dakar Aline Sitoe Diatta
aline_sitoe_diatta3 flag Senegal aline_sitoe_diatta4 flag Senegal
Cosama company managing the boat
On board the vessel during the voyage
sitoe_cap_skirring1 aline_sitoe_diatta2
On the deck of Aline Sitoe Diatta
Berths of Aline Sitoe Diatta
night_club_senat_dakar dj_dakar
Dakar nigth club "le Senat"
DJ nigth club "le Senat"
team_music_dakar dance_meridien_almadies
Photo du team One Mic
dance night club "le Senat"
one mic senegal one mic
One Mic
restaurant_yengoulene_senegal night_dakar
Restaurant in Dakar
nigth club le Sénat à Dakar
hotel_ziguinchor_kadiandoumagne canoe_casamance
Hotel Khadiandoumagne in Ziguinchor
Canoe on the river Casamance
ziguinchor_2 joola_monument
Rue de Zinguinchor
Monument dedicated to the shipwrecked Joola
boat_casamance2 boat_casamance
Les pirogues et bateaux de plaisance à Ziguinchor
Fin d'après midi, tout est calme
mango_cap_skirring house_casamance
Along the river discovery of Casamance
hotel_cap_skirring beautiful_hibiscus_casamance
The Auberge de la Paix in Cap Skirrin
music_dakar sun_almadies
Le Just For You à Dakar (le must)
Sunset on the beach Almadies
ferry_gambia road_ziguinchor
The ferry to leave Gambia
Road Ziguichor
hotel_khadia_ziguinchor dove_ziguinchor
Hotel Kadiandoumagne in Ziguinchor
khadidiatou_gueye beach_cap_skirring_2
Kadia bike on the beach of Cap Skirring
The crabe de Cap Skirring
beach_cap_skirring_4 beach_cap_skirring_3
View from the beach club Med à Cap skirring
Fisherman and poses bicycle
streets_cap_skirring children_cap_skirring
The streets of Cap Skirring
children holiday
painting_senegal art_africain
African art painting Senegal
African sculpture Cap Skirring
Roundabout Cap Skirring mask_african
Roundabout Cap Skirring
African mask craft Cap Skirring
house_cap_skirring house_cap_skirring
Architecture region Diembering Senegal
The two bicycle before the house holiday
fishermen_cap_skirring_5 feast_cap_skirring
Fishermen in the evening on the beach of Cap Skirring
Feast on the beach at night in Cap Skirring
djembe_senegal african_dancer
The crazy nights Bakine Cap Skirring
African dancer Jeannot association Case Art
music_cap_skirring music_cap_skirring_2
Music, music, music...
The djembe players
music_cap_skirring_3 music_cap_skirring_4
The joys of the night in Cap Skirring
The skipper of Bakine
night_cap_skirring_2 night_cap_skirring_3
African singer and singer and his band
Good for you ...
cap_skirring_beautiful night_cap_skirring_4
The pretty waitresses of Bakine
Kadia and our friends Bakine
Cap Skirring beach July 2008
Bar de la Mer à Cap Skirring (chez Fred)
black_and_white bathing_cap
One planet one people
Swimming in Cape Town in July 2008 beach Cap Skirring
the colorful house_casamance_2
The colorful life
House in casamance
children_casamance foot_casamance
Children of Casamance
Part Foot in the village

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